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Wellness is defined by the act of practising healthy habits on a daily basis to help to attain a better physical and mental health outcome. 

There are several areas of wellness that we all should make our priority to practise routinely. They are social contact, regular exercise, good nutrition, getting enough sleep and mindfulness. 

Each of these 5 steps are the key to helping you make a positive impact on your mental and physical state.  

Social contact - Try to connect with friends when time allows. Catch up and have a laugh. This has been known to boost your mood hormones. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. 

Exercise - Another way to boost those happy hormones is to exercise. Try 20-30 mins a day and you will notice a massive difference, not only physically but also mentally. 

Diet - We are what we eat! If we want to get the best out of ourselves we have to consume foods that will help achieve this. Raw veg, wheat, grains and fruit are our best start. 

Sleep - This is such an important step. The brain cannot function correctly if we don't give it adequate time to rest. Try and keep smartphone use to only 1 hour before bed to get the best sleep.

Mindfulness - Practising mindfulness is amazing for the body. Being mindful is being conscious of the thoughts we are thinking. If we can feel ourselves going down the negative road we need to recognise this and redirect our thoughts. Focus on the positive. It doesn't work over night but making mindful efforts everyday will do you wonders.

By making conscious efforts to have a better diet and making sure that you take time out of your busy day to do nothing but focus on you, are very important acts of wellness. 

Here at Fade, we try to make sure that our products compliment these steps. Our products contain ingredients that have been known to relax, calm, reduce anxiety and even boost creativity. 

So do yourself a favour and make this year the year of your wellness.

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