Why Tree Aid???

For those who may not have noticed Fade Candles are committed to giving back £1 from every candle sale to the Tree Aid Organisation. 

Tree Aid is a humanitarian and environmental charity working in Africa. They help to provide people in the drylands with trees which in term will allow them to lift themselves out of poverty and in the process, protect their environment.

Trees mean life! They provide nutrition, generate an income and help the environment. Tree Aid help by working together with communities to protect the trees and also grow trees for future generations. 

The reason we have chosen to support this amazing charity is that we wanted to set good intentions for our business now and beyond and to show our customers that we are a conscious and honest company with values. 

Its no secret that we are facing a global environmental crisis and if we as a company can help to undo some of the damage we have created then we're all for it! Giving back to the world around us is an amazing feeling and something that we can share together when you purchase a candle from us. By doing so, you also give a gift back to the world and the communities in Africa who need it the most.

If you would like to learn more about the amazing things that Tree Aid do then please visit www.treeaid.org.uk




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