This shipping policy, also known as the merchant protection policy, applies to the delivery or collection of goods and services to Customers within the UK and replaces and supersedes Klarna’s Shipping Policy ( Where the Merchant follows this policy in its entirety, Klarna will acquire the Claim from the Merchant regardless of whether the Customer insists not having made the order or insists not having received the goods, or if it is otherwise unclear who has received the goods/services. It should be noted however that if the Merchant does not comply with this policy in its entirety, Klarna has the right to return Claims to the Merchant, and thereby also has the right to be refunded. Klarna reserves the right to change this policy and inform the Merchant of the necessary changes serving a three months’ notice to the Merchant.

1- General Requirements Klarna may issue the Merchant with a instruction to stop dispatch or collection or recall the goods or services (a “Stop Request”), where Klarna has established a Transaction as high risk according to Klarna’s internal security controls. Upon receipt of a Stop Request, the Merchant must: - Not ship nor allow collection of the goods if they have not been shipped or collected at the time the Stop Request is received. - Attempt to recall or stop delivery of the goods if they have already been shipped or collected at the time the Stop Request is received (to be provided upon request). - Provide Klarna with shipping/collection and customer information if the goods have already been shipped/collected. In this instance the Merchant is required to provide date/time of shipping/collection, tracking ID, delivery name and address. A Merchant shall not dispatch or allow for collection of goods after receiving a Stop Request, or where the order is still ‘pending’ (where the merchant is integrated with Klarna’s Pending system). Receipt is deemed 24 hours following the Stop Request being sent by Klarna. Klarna will then work with the Merchant to collect additional information as needed. The Merchant must respond to Klarna’s request for information: - within one Business Day for Stop Requests as detailed above; and - within three Business Days for any other requests for information, including those relating to Chargebacks and Disputes. A Business Day is defined by the Merchant’s operating hours i.e. when dispatching goods or activating Transactions. Merchants shall provide Klarna with up-to-date contact details (email address) for Klarna to send requests for information. All responses to Klarna’s requests under this policy should be sent by the Merchant, replying to Klarna’s email or via the Klarna notification system available for the Merchant to use. Merchants shall store information related to the respective delivery or collection (e.g. tracking number, proof of delivery, third party authorisation and identification) for at least six (6) months and, upon request, provide such information to Klarna. Digital goods e.g. downloads, online dating services are not covered by Klarna’s Shipping Policy (also known as the merchant protection policy).

2- Detailed shipping policy requirements Policy requirements for all delivery methods: 1. Goods must be sent to the shipping address approved by Klarna at the time of the order. 2. An ‘authorised person’ is anyone present on the premises at the exact delivery address who signs for the goods if it is a residential address. Where the order is delivered to a commercial address, Klarna only offers protection when the order is signed by the Customer themselves. 3. The Merchant shall produce documentation evidencing the following (as a minimum requirement, and the Merchant may be obligated to provide additional information depending on the delivery method): a. Date and time of delivery or collection b. The exact address of delivery or collection c. Printed name and signature of the person collecting the goods 4. Goods must only be handed out to the Customer approved by Klarna at the time of the order or to an authorised person as defined (in 2) above. 5. Merchants shall, upon Klarna’s request, attempt to stop the delivery or collection and inform Klarna of all developments in relation to the delivery. Shipped goods tracking Authority to interact with 3rd parties Additional requirements for customer collections: The goods which are shipped shall be sent with track and trace, with the possibility to track the goods online. The tracking number shall be provided to Klarna at activation of the Transaction in the activation call or, where this is not possible, upon request from Klarna. A Merchant must authorise Klarna to directly request information from shipping company or to ask the shipping company to stop a certain delivery. Goods may only be collected (either in store or at a pick-up point) from the address approved by Klarna when processing the transaction. If the Customer has chosen collection from a pick-up point (including in-store collection), then the goods shall be sent to the pick-up point of the shipping company closest to the approved address or to the Customers closest store (in the case of in store collection). The shipping company or store shall verify the ID (passport, a photo driving license, a debit/credit card, or a recent utility bill) of the Customer upon collection and only the customer themselves shall be allowed to collect the goods. Furthermore, the pick-up point shall produce a proof of delivery document that shows: - Date and time of the collection - Printed name of the Customer

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