Chief Scented Mandle

A rich accord with top notes of ginger, guaiac wood and green hints, leading to a woody heart with spicy hints, all of which rest on a base of sweet tobacco leaf, precious woods, warm amber, leather, musks and vanilla.
This candle contains an amazing ingredient that has been used for hundreds of years. Guaiac Wood is known for its wide range of health benefits. Among its many benefits, this amazing ingredient helps to uplift your mood, sharpen mental clarity, enhance creativity, support restful sleep and enhance a meditation experience. 
To get the very best out of your new Fade Candle we recommend that you follow the instructions below.

  • When you light your candle for the first time, let the wax melt to the edges of the glass to create an even burn and avoids tunnelling ensuring an even burn for the duration of your candles life. This also helps with optimum scent throw (this may take between 2-4 hours).
  • Trim the wick before every burn.This helps to ensure an even burn and maintains a steady flame whilst limiting mushrooming of the wick.
  • To preserve the fragrance of your candle, we recommend limiting burn time to no more than 4 hours at a time.
  • Keep the wax pool free of any wick trimmings, matches and debris.
  • Extinguish your candle with a snuffer or by tipping the flame into the wax pool in the glass then straighten the wick to prevent smoking. This stops hot wax from splattering which is caused by being blown out.
  • If your candle is flickering or the flame is too high, this is an indication that the candle isn't burning correctly and isn't controlled. Extinguish and let cool before trimming the wick.
  • Keep away from windows and doors as these can cause drafts which can contribute to a flickering flame (as mentioned above).
  • To maximise the scent throw, burn in your desired place for around 30 minutes with the door closed then open to release scent.
  • Try and store your your candles away from direct sunlight.
  • Remove any dust gathered on the wax top with a soft cloth (can be slightly damp).
  • Always burn candles within sight and never leave a candle unattended.
200g Candle
Up to 45hrs Burn Time
Reusable Glass Container
100% Soy Wax Hand Poured Candle

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