Rubus Soy Wax Melts


This beautiful Rubus wax melt gives you notes of fresh raspberries and cherries warmed with pink and black peppercorns and intertwined with a plethora of transparent flora underscored with creamy musks.

Other Notes

Top Notes: Raspberry, Black Pepper, Pink Pepper, Rose
Heart Notes: White flowers, Jasmine, Vetivert
Base Notes: Musk, Amber 

    A calming antidote for the body and mind

    You will fall into tranquillity and rid yourself of tensions and mental exhaustion. This melt is perfect for burning after a long day at work.

    80g Melt Pack
    Each cube will give you up to 10hrs scent burning time (60hrs combined)
    Recycled Plastic Packaging
    Scent Throw Hot or Cold

    Wax melts are scented cubes of wax that release a fragrance when heated up but the wax never evaporates. 

    The major difference compared to a candle is that they are wickless, so in order to release the scent, you have to heat it up. this can be done using an oil burner. 

    To use an oil burner, you put a tealight under the container that holds the wax cube and as it heats up, it creates an pool of fragrance oil.

    Wax melts make a good alternative to candles as they hold a higher level of fragrance, so the scent throw is a lot stronger. 

    to get the most out of you wax melts, you can purchase our all natural soy tealight here 

    How to use
    1. Break off 1 or 2 cubes (depending on how strong you want the smell) and put them in either a tealight or electric burner. Use a Fade Candles Luxury Soy Tealight (unscented) to place underneath.
    2. When using a tealight oil burner, try to limit your burn time to 4 hour intervals to reduce the possibility of the burner overheating.
    3. Remember to ALWAYS keep oil burners/candles away form children and NEVER leave it unattended. 
    4. One of our cubes will burn for up to 10hrs. When you can no longer smell the fragrance, its time to change the cube.
    5. To change the cube you can either heat up the oil and soak it up using a cotton ball or you can leave it to harden (maybe in the freezer) and then pop the wax out. BE CAREFUL not to  use a sharp object to scrap out the wax as you could damage your burner.

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