The Journey to becoming a Luxury Home Fragrance Company

Humble Beginnings

Fade Candles journey started many years ago when a mum on maternity leave, following the birth of her second child, was made redundant.

That Mum was me, Corrine. Feeling lost and confused I decided I had to find something to occupy my mind before making a decision on what to do after my maternity was over. 

Whilst on YouTube, I came across the hobby of candle making and loved it. I started selling to close friends and family but soon started to realise that there was an opportunity for me to take this further.


Back then Fade was trading under a different name and was quickly gaining loyal customers but the pressure of orders and lack of confidence forced me to stop. It would be years before I got the passion back and decide to start afresh.

With a new name and a new partner in the shape of my cousin Zena, who happily decided to come on board, we haven’t looked back!

The Future

Fade Candles is going from strength to strength and we have so many goals that we are yet to achieve.

Our goal is to show our children that anything is possible and chasing after your dreams is the best thing you can do. To read more about what we want to achieve in the future, click Our Mission Blog for more info.

Much Love, Corrine & Zena xox
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